Save Time Creating and Sending Forms

Whether you're a developer, marketer, academic, or just trying to save time for your team or customers, you can go from an idea to an automated solution with a single API request.

                  A daily email to your team for a status update and an alert if anyone needs help.

              curl https://api.neondispatch.com/dispatch \
                -u :$API_KEY \
                -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
                -X POST \
                -d '{ "title": "Virtual Standup for $date", \
                -d   "questions": [{ "label": "Blocked?", "type": "checkbox", "alert": "true"}, \
                -d                   "label": "Comments", "type": "textarea"}], \
                -d   "schedule": "weekdays @ 09:00 PST", \'
                -d   "to": ["alice@neondispatch.com", "bob@neondispatch.com"], \'
                -d   "alert": ["me@neondispatch.com"] }'
              » https://form.neondispatch.com/f05f852b-351a-4cef-a27d-a0f33137bb03


Rich HTML forms

Use JSON to define rich forms with all of the expected form elements including file uploads.


Automate the emailing of the forms with embedded identity controls, or create an anonymous survey URL.

Powerful Automations

Create workflows with scheduled form delivery, forms that expire within hours or days, and a scripting language to populate your forms.

Webhooks & Alerts

Integrate responses to other services with powerful webhooks or notifications.


Easily integrate with tools like Zapier, IFTTT, Airtable, Google Sheets etc.

Your Data

Download your data any time via a paginated API.

Intuitive Abstractions

Create entire libraries of questions that you can dynamically add and reuse into new forms or just use form elements from our standard library.

Web Scale

Create a form for your team or scale to a survey shared with millions.